The Tomato Harvest

Since I transported my tomatoes outdoors, they’ve been taking off like a backyard jungle. I’ve gone on several maintenance missions to tie up the stalks that sagged with the weight of rows of green balls.

When I finally went out to peek behind the leaves, I had dozens of ripe red cherry-sized — and thus named — tomatoes. Ah, I thought, the harvest has come.

I had stocked up on fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil in anticipation. So as soon as the tomatoes took a bath, my salad had started to take shape.

Easy Caprese Mini Salad:

Cut 1/2-inch squares of fresh mozzarella cheese. Slice cherry tomatoes in half. Tear up several basil leafs. Toss all ingredients together with olive oil, garlic salt and fresh pepper – and a splash of lemon juice, if desired.

With the bigger tomatoes from Jason’s garden, I’ve been making a fancier restaurant version of this:

Easy Stacked Caprese Salad:

You can buy balls of fresh mozz pre-sliced. Layer a thick slab of that on a slice of tomato. Top that with a full leaf of basil. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle garlic salt and freshly ground pepper.

This is what summer tastes like.

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