Kale Carrot Banana Berry Blast

Started the morning off right with a NutriBlast from┬ámy NutriBullet. We’ll call this one the Kale Carrot Banana Berry Blast with Red Macca.

From the bottom up, I filled my large NutriBullet cup with:

  • 1 leaf organic kale
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 carrot
  • about a handful of raspberries
  • about a handful of frozen blueberries
  • 1 tablespoon red macca powder

frozen banana blueberry raspberry kale smoothie NutriBlast NutriBullet

As with every NutriBlast, these fruits and veggies get covered up with water and then pulverized into a nutritious smoothie that looks like this:

NutriBullet NutriBlast recipe with banana, carrot, kale, berries


The more frozen fruit you can add to a blast, the better. I’m used to semi-warm, room temperature blasts made with filtered (but not chilled) tap water. Cold water helps, but when I started using frozen bananas a while ago, and it went from room temp to tasty. This week I’ve been adding frozen blueberries too, and the frozen fruit makes a huge difference.

It was a delicious, nutrient-packed start to the day, especially when paired with scrambled eggs and bacon:

breakfast eggs and bacon


Holiday Weekend Breakfast

Kicking off Memorial Day weekend with an
American All-Star Breakfast:
fruit parfait toast breakfast
fried eggs + bacon + wheat toast
with strawberry Greek yogurt parfaits + kiwi + berries
fruit parfait toast eggs breakfast
(at home)