nomorerack: The Best Deals Online

Nomorerack is quickly becoming my new favorite site. I’m stoked about the order I just placed: 1600-count queen-sized, rust-colored, deep-fitted bedsheet set for $29 + $2 shipping.

nomorerack discount online shopping bedsheets

Luxurious soft sheets like this (but rust colored) for only $29?!

But wait — that’s not all!

I searched Google for an active nomorerack promo code and found a $10 credit. I had to spend at least $30 in merchandise to get it, though, and the $29 sheets were just shy.

This is how my bargain mind works: If I can add another item that’s less than $10, I’m basically getting it for free. Of course, this feat is no challenge on nomorerack.

Into the cart goes a $6 Spiderpodium to prop up my cell phone while I watch videos. (For the record, I have a 4.3″ Samsung Galaxy S2 that’s supreme for watching movies, and it kicks the iPhone in the butt.)

spider podium device stand online shopping nomorerack

So, with the $10 credit applied, my total is now $29, the price of the bed sheets. It’s like getting free shipping, plus another free item with free shipping, after the $6 Spiderpodium + $2 shipping for 2 items disappears from my bill.

Awesome deal? I’ll say. That’s why I check nomorerack every day at noon to see the new limited-offer deals.

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