My follow-up to the Double Down just might be the McGangBang off McDonald’s secret menu. It’s fairly similar to my suggestion in the Double Down post to have them drop the buns and make a “sandwich with something delicious between two burgers,” except it’s got the buns too – it’s basically a chicken sandwich stuffed between two hamburger sandwiches. Uh, yum. And my side dish is going to be fries with special Big Mac sauce. Heart, get ready to attack.

mcdonalds mcgangbang secret menu

Forget dieting. My new diet is to try all the deliciously greasy concoctions I can. I’d rather live life eating all the junk I want than counting calories.


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  2. Does such a concoction cause the body to fill with greasy completely? if so, can it be wrung out from the hair? i thought grease came out of the other end, but indeed I have seen evidence otherwise. i suppose it’s hard to tell when there is no definite shape to the mass anyway.
    well thank you for showing me what the double down is. i have spent many drives wondering what exactly what those signs meant.

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