Flowers A-Bloom

Although I haven’t been sufficiently documenting it with my camera or my words, my flowers are doing just fine. For the most part. I lost my entire crop of zinnias — which are said to be one of the sturdiest, stablest flowers you can grow without a green thumb. Apparently not if you don’t water them though.

However, I did manage to keep these others from biting it. Actually, I had nothing to do with the black-eyed Susans, on top, because they popped up volunteer. I did plant the impatiens, second. Some of them (like the one pictured) are doing great and really filled out. And others — I think because of soil issues more than anything — are not. I probably could be watering them more…

The last picture is of one I’m proud of, even though the petals aren’t as full as I’d like, because I totally revived it. I got this echinacea flower off of FreeCycle and when I first replanted it, it withered almost to death, as did everything else I got in the batch. Some others were not so lucky, but this one made it.

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